CNV04 | 18.04.2004


Winter Sunday

01. Sunday Afternoon

02. Stalking Horse

03. Vespers

04. -2 Degrees, 6 am

05. A Dawn Frost on Cathedral Spire

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Conv is proud to present "Winter Sunday", a five track ep written and produced by Scott Taylor (Touch, Phonography, Sijis).

Based on field recordings made in Barcelona (around the old cathedral), Paris (Notre Damme cathedral organ) and London, this work should be considered secular music in its basis and intent.

These elements were elaborated and trasformed in organics compositions where each track developes a sound environment. Ambient, isolationism... quite space; on this recording Scott attemps to create a calm interval on a sonic environment as saturated as the environment
that surrounds us every day.



Scott Taylors "Winter Sunday EP" seems to be recorded in Paris and Barcelona, from what the ID3 Tags say. "Sunday Afternoon" builds up with calm water flowing by and nice cathedral organs. "Stalking Horse" shifts silently concentrated layers upon each other, while "Vesper" is a damped low-fi field recording of church chorals. "2 degrees, 6 am" is a dense field recording of a windy and rainy weather

environment, with perfectly arranged background layers. My personal highlight is the last track though, "A Dawn Frost On Cathedral Spire", with slowly evolving sentimental synth drones - just a perfect moody track. Great work!


[ Sebastian Redenz ]





Tja, Winter ist schon was her. Aber trotzdem. Soundscapes, die einem die Schneekristalle wie Schweissperlen auf die Stirn treiben, das kann manchmal schon Sinn machen. Aufgenommen mit Fieldrecordings, wie es so schön heisst, natürlich auch noch diverem anderem Equipment, und natürlich immer rings um die grossen Kirchen dieser Welt herumgeschlichen, ist es kein Wunder, dass man sich nach dem zweiten Track schon so vorkommt als würde man jemanden anbeten, im Zweifelsfall die Architektur, die einem, sieht man zu lange hin, den Nacken verrenkt. Solide ambiente Tracks für jeden der nicht einschlafen kann.



Vital Weekly


Music by Scott Taylor was reviewed before, in Vital Weekly 387 and 412. This new work, downloadable from the new Conv net label, continues where 'Leaving Eden' left us. Taking field recordings from Barcelona, Paris and London, he crafts five relatively short pieces together, which are all very coherent ambient music. Tracks cross fade in each other and have a majestic feel. The centre piece is 'Vespers', which has processed choir voices. For the first time I could resist thinking that Scott Taylor's music comes closely to that of Hazard. Glacier like soundscapes, derived from field recordings - music from big cities made quiet. Like the two previous releases this is a very short release, way too short I haste to say. For the first time I was thinking: I'm done with the introduction, now present us a full length release. It's about time.


[ Frans de Waard ]