CNV05 | 24.05.2004


January 2, 1999 et Al.

01. January 2, 1999

02. July 18, 2002

03. November 11, 2003

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NYC artist Kenneth Kirschner is well known by all of you because of his releases on 12k label and Subrosa (with Taylor Deupree). Again, Conv is proud to present this great album by one of our favourite artists from the last years:


" January 2, 1999 et al. is a collection of three of my compositions, including two pieces focused on the intersection of piano and electronics, and one based on purely digital sound design. January 2, 1999 uses a sampler to refract simple piano motifs into more complex, interfering patterns. July 18, 2002 is a slowly evolving, rhythmic assemblage of sounds derived principally from software synthesizers. November 11, 2003, the source material for the forthcoming CD post_piano 2, is a series of fragmentary acoustic piano recordings, each recorded using different techniques and processes that emphasize the environmental sounds present in my studio, including the sound of a nearby elevated train. As with most of my work, the large-scale structure of these pieces was determined by chance procedures, followed by extensive, careful editing to arrive at the final narrative."


[ Kenneth Kirschner ]



I heard about Kenneth Kirschner because of reading some good reviews about his earlier works. So when I read that Conv offers some pieces by this artist I thought that I should give this a listen. It was my first release of Conv to listen to, and I must admit, I haven't been amazed like that before for checking out a realtively new netlabel. Kenneth Kirschner works with minimal piano figures that change subtely within a precise clean static sound environment. The production  is very good so as the overall sound. The listener is thrilled throughout the whole EP for when he liked the Alva Noto/Ryuchi Sakamoto release "Vrioon" on Raster Noton. Almost cineastic music for  very calm times to clean your mind. Or to summarize it with one word: perfect - simple as that!.


[ Sebastian Redenz ]



Vital Weekly


The title of this MP3 by Kenneth Kirschner may remind you of his album on 12K with a similar title (see Vital Weekly 371), but this is something else. Kirschner's main instrument is the piano and in  that sense he is influenced by Morton Feldman. But I am not sure if Kirschner plays his works all the way through, or if he manipulates them in his computer. In 'November 11, 2003' it seems to me  that he plays the piece from beginning to end without the interference of computertreatments.

In the opening piece 'January 2, 1999' this seems to be case, but the treatments are on a very  superficial level. The track in between those is definetely a computer processed track with time  stretched tones and notes, which seems an odd ball amidst those two lenghty piano pieces,  but it does make sense. Kirschner plays in all three pieces around with the notion of  ambient music. In the middle piece of course in the most traditional, electronic way, but also in his piano pieces he comes very clos e to someone like Harold Budd, rather

than Morty. Pastoral notes, sparsely distributed over time, diffused into space.

And also with a mild tendency to the new agey aspects of music, at least in the two piano pieces.


[ Frans de Waard ]