CNV06 | 26.06.2004



01. Constelación D

02. Constelación M

03. Constelación G2

04. Agua (Medio)

05. Constelación E

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Reche is currently one of the best argentinian avant-garde sound artists. He has played live in many countries and events (Sónar festival 2000, etc) and his music has been released on labels all around the world. His work has been defined as a good example of noise, isolationism and post-industrial sound. Close to white noise, Reche builds structurated ambiences whole of distorted sounds, filtered textures and manipulated sounds taken from field recordings, cd's and vinyls. Pablo Reche works and lives in the city of Buenos Aires.


"Constelación" was originally released on Ecodiscos, 2001 (cdr - 50 copies).
Totally unavailable, this reissue by Conv net.lab is a different version of the original release, including an unreleased track from the period and a completely new art work.


Vital Weekly


The name Pablo Reche is already quite know from various releases, mainly on Spanish labels such as Gracia Territori Sonori. On this new MP3 he offers five pieces of music, which are fine examples of the sort of music he makes. Taking field recordings of a highly minimal character, knitting all the sound together into a very dense, closed field of sound. Utterly minimal in approach, but the result is great. It's both ambient and industrial, for some of this sounds like nuclear rainfall on the desert, with contact microphones slowly decaying under the fall-out. 'Agua (Medio)' shows us water life as seen from the bottom of the ocean, everything happens above somewhere and down there not much is going on. Five pieces of some intense sound processing.


[ Frans de Waard ]