CNV07 | 18.08.2004


Trees in Movement

01. Autumn Tree in Movement

02. Winter Trees

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A new release by Johan Gustavsson (Tsukimono, Scraps on Tape, Broken Concrete), this time appearing again under the moniker of Mnoki. "trees in movement" is his second release under this name, a work inspired by the paints of the vienan artist Egon Schiele (1890-1918). Johan's different aliases appear as different strategies for (re-)telling the digital narrative. For Mnoki, this narrative progresses in a non-linear way: at the edge of time a dam is put up to thwart the flow in favor of it's congealment - but in stead of standing still, the internal movement becomes more heated: until the kinetic motion of digital timeflow ever brings historical time into collusion with atemporality.


artwork by Liam Frankland / liner notes by Mark Pauwen



'Autumn Tree in Movement' has a distinctive meditative quality that focuses the brain on the complexity and interest of the sounds, resulting in a unique stimulation of the brain. This piece is an aural dreamscape.

'Winter Trees' evokes the coldness and dark mystery long winter months. An undulating low tone runs throughout the piece that, along with low rumblings bring to mind the power of the earth, which is still in wintertime. Glistening sounds feel like ice. Still more harsh occasional, well-placed sounds conjure the harshness of winter.


[ Meri von Kleinsmid ]


Con-v is meanwhile one of the netlabels I get the most excited by, with their previous excellent releases ranging in electroacoustic minimalism. So I immediately pointed my ear when I heard that Johan Gustavsson, who also records for swedens finest Komplott, presents two tracks, interestingly inspired by the paintings of Egon Schiele. In "Autumn Trees In Movement", you listen to calm digital manipulations, that slowly evolve sine tones floating across the sphere, while "Winter Trees" has a constant sine in the background and some more digital bits that paint the room. After multiple listening, I found other Con-V releases more exciting, so let's see what's up next.


[ Sebastian Redenz ]