CNV10 | 06.11.2004



01. Converge

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CONVERGE, the title of Heribert Friedl's latest composition serves perfectly to underline the artist's conceptual approach to music. Distinct, fragile sounds, at times crumbling, at times rustling and droning, all move towards the same point within an organic micro-audio space. Friedl's understanding of sculpturing material in space is strongly reflected in his treatment of sounds. The quality of each sound, like the delicate sound of metal grinding or the subtle rustling of leafs, is shaped with minutious detail and put to the core. In line with his earlier work, CONVERGE reflects a sense of nostalgia and the artists's strong refusal to restrict his sounds to merely technical aspects. CONVERGE sounds like someone on a long, unfolding journey, pushing through constantly altering physical space, to finally arrive at a certain point.


liner notes by Tina Scula


Touching Extremes


Another short composition by sound artist Friedl, "Converge" is mostly made of micro structures of quiet feedback and barely audible crackling in a well designed alternance with longer conjectures of metallic dragging and softly resonant timbral phantoms. Like in his previous "Raumzitate", the external ambience comes out as basic in the overall listening process; there is no complacency in these naked sounds, only the curiosity of seeing their air-rippling effect once they're almost randomly thrown in silence, just like children throw a small handful of stones in a calm lake, breaking the tranquillity just for those few seconds needed to understand they're alive. While listening to "Converge", reflection and looming rememberings seem to be unavoidable.


[ Massimo Ricci ]



Vital Weekly


Following his debut release on And/Oar is a MP3 release on the excellent ConV net label from Madrid. Just like his debut Heribert Friedl uses field recordings which are fed through his computer. Maybe it's a recording of Friedl taking a forest stroll, or maybe it's the gentle rubbing of two pieces of metal against each other. Despite these limited inputs and despite Friedl stretching the material to it's very end, it's a nice journey with an uncertain end. Friedl moves about, but apperentely he hasn't set a goal for his journey. Moving through space and time, without an emphasis on anything in particular, he's probably more a Zen musician than anything else. What he has to offer however is a nice trip through the morphology of sound. Just like his previous work it stands in a long tradition, but he sure plays his part nicely.


[ Frans de Waard ]





Ein 20 Minütiges szenisches Field Recording aus Österreich auf ConV. Friedl bewegt sich unerkannt inmitten diverser Freiluft Baustellen, und schabt nebenbei an allerlei metallenen Gegenständen vorbei. Inmitten seiner Wanderungen verschlägt es ihn zwischenzeitlich auch mal an die frische Luft, um beim Wandern auf knackendem Unterholz von zwitschernden Vögeln inmitten vorbeifahrender Autos begleitet zu werden. Die Geräuschkulissen sind sonisch allesamt sparsam ausgestattet und am Ende befindet man sich wieder am Ausgangspunkt. Unauffälliges Versteckspiel in dem Friedl stets bemüht wirkt bloß keine Ameise zu zertrampeln.