CNV12 | 14.02.2005


Musique Pour 'Dans La Solitude Des Champs Du Coton'

01. One

02. Two

03. Three

04. Four

05. Five

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French artist Fabrice Planquette works on electronic and electro-acoustic music since 1995. His name is well-known in the netlabels scene because of his releases on Entity (as Element Act, Acta and FP), Enourghrecords and others, a multitalented artist for who there's hardly any line of sound-based work that hasn't been covered.

‘Musique pour Dans la solitude des champs du coton’ is a work composed originally in 2003 for the company of theater La Soufflerie, on a text by Bernard-Marie Koltès . Five tracks based on field recordings (train station, people talking, etc) and dense electronic softs drones, recreating a perfect, continious atmosphere in all the tracks which makes this work in some sense a "conceptual album". Five pieces that works as five movements of a common idea.