CNV18 | 12.07.2005



01. 001

02. 002

03. 003

04. 004

05. 005

06. 006

07. 007

08. 008

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Whatever echoes fibrillate in the undulations of our neuronal fields? Memory faces up to itself in this one question: how did memory bring us here? Memory, the forgotten one - under the sway of the scythe of bliss memory flexes over in synaptic delusion to the experience of senselessness that only audition can bestow. It comes as the gift of angels to listen to this world while immersed in such oblivion. Without recall of what vistas we have passed, we are awakened in a dream so far off...


liner notes by Mark Pauwen / artwork by Liam Frankland



A metaphor for this set of aural ambient movements might be a small collection of free-verse poems conveying their meaning, mood, symbols, and images through sounds instead of words. These eight untitled compositions are experiments in contrast: processed electro-acoustic sounds found among beautiful experiments with tones and microsounds, voice samples/field recordings arising among pure electronic sounds , brief moments of chaos tempered with lengthier periods of orderly, flowing drones, and cinematic elements intermingling with the more a dominant minimal atmosphere. Recommended initial listening - tracks 03, 04, and 08.


[ Larry Johnson ]