CNV20 | 09.09.2005



01. Blown

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Originally, "Blown" was created on a modular synthesizer, using basic sound gnerating and shaping components to build a complex and dense environment. The environments were then recorded to computer at 44kHz/16 Bit audio and then transferred to an ageing Akai M-8, quarter inch analogue tape machine. Due to both the age and general disrepair of the tapes and the equipment, the audio has been coloured and treated by the decaying magnetic filaments of the tape and the machines valve circuitry. The audio is played back at a lower speed than it was recorded to further magnify the inconsistencies of the medium. The resulting recordings were then sent back to the computer and layered with the close-miked mechanical noise from the tape machine along with the ghosts of the tapes previous contents. No other computer processing has occurred with these audio files.

Blown acts as a study not only into the properties of an archaic recording medium but also as a stark contrast to the clinical, digital age in which we live.


artwork by Somniscope // liner notes by Dave Fyans



Anyone who suggests that drones are boring and are just smug exercises in self-similarity need to listen to Dave Fyans’ “Blown”. This is a 38-minute excursion into varying episodes of poignant drones layered with light textures of minimal noise. The first 13-minutes is an unremitting, densely layered drone colored with an elusive sub-layer of mechanical noises. The remaining 25-minutes is a is a darker, more dissonant, assemblage of drones having changing levels of intensity and still allowing the ghosts of mechanical noises to float almost imperceptibly below the surface.


[ Larry Johnson ]