CNV24 | 12.11.2005



01. Beta

02. Alpha

03. Theta

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The basic idea for "unison" is the phenomenon of binaural tones. When the distance between congruence frequencies is changed, pulsations occur. Here, Dutch artist Christian Toonk (vinculated to the Utrecht based collective Umatic among others projects) uses a self build instrument based on sinewave oscillators and feedback loops. The output is rewired to the input and provides a somewhat unpredictable datastream, by means of creating an opponent to interact to as in collaboration. Unison is an improvisation with sinewaves. Although a technical approach, an emotive quality is pursued.




As mentioned in the description, the three tracks found within this album are the results of manipulation with sine waves. Christian Toonk manages to improvise some amazingly beautiful ambient sinusoidal drones via the processing of sine waves and related feedback. “Beta” (track 1) is the attention getter here as light and dense tonal drones interplay while slowly reaching cresendo only to fall and repeat the process again. “Alpha” (track 2) is a slightly more minimal experiment with less variation and lower, more transparent tones. “Theta” (track 3) has a darker, slightly more dissonant atmosphere as a variety of high and low frequency tones playfully jostle each other about.


[ Larry Johnson ]