CNV25 | 30.11.2005


A Starved-Strafe Lancing Machine

01. Microdissect

02. Morpholino Wrench

03. 1517 Cherry

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This is the debut release by Kansas City based artist Christopher McFall.


I strive to use computer-based techniques to manipulate/engineer recorded aspects of the macroscopic world into a microscopic mosaic.  I feel that the 3 compositions comprising "A Starved-Strafe Lancing Machine," are of a minimal and microscopic nature that is the outcome of several years of experimentation with field recordings, whereby sounds are recorded and then often times engineered beyond recognition.  The source material used for these recordings was taken from a wide variety of location ranging from the studio I live in to highway underpasses.


[ Christopher McFall ]




I either missed or just plain ignored this release initially, but it captured my attention when a track from it (“1517 Cherry”) appeared as the lead track on idmix014 [Ideal Standard (jm)]. It’s always nice when a sound artist gives the listener a hint as to how the sounds were created. Here we have three abstract compositions based on field recordings (highway underpasses for instance)and then processed "beyond recognition". “Microdissect” delivers what sounds like rumbling waves of thunder, shredded segments of tiny sounds, and brief moments of quiet. “Morphonlino Wrench” is an excellent example of the lowercase aesthetic playing moments of silence against high pitched tones and dancing microsounds only to end in chaos. “1517 Cherry” contains the most variety of the three tracks – deep rolling drones, cascading noises, clicks, metallic clanks, bursts of static, and chaotic percussive moments.


[ Larry Johnson ]