CNV27 | 29.01.2006


Rien à Voir 15

01. Absolutely Ignorant

02. As Red As Rubies

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brand new release by this well-known Canadian sound artist.


'Absolutely Ignorant' was inspired by an excerpt from the Venerable Bede's work " Ecclesiastical History of the English People" which focuses on the ultimate fallibility of human knowledge concerning the fundamental questions that confront us.

As Red as Rubies (2004) A reconstructed and extended excerpt of an as yet unreleased CD which explores sonifications around the ideas of alchemy. The fundamental concept of alchemy is transformation, whether literal or metaphor, physical or spiritual. 'As Red as Rubies' explores this though a dialog between processed and raw field recordings and other musical material.


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Earlabs - 01.04.2006


K.M. Krebs - Rien a Voir 15 EP As I once wrote in another review of one K. M. Krebs’releases, his various CDR albums and on-line mp3 albums are the main reason that I became interested in electronic/experimental music and have had the most influence on my listening preferences. “Rien a Voir 15 EP” only serves to reinforce these feelings. Krebs shows his expertise in what he does in several ways: First of all, one thing that becomes quickly clear when listening to the two compositions that comprise this EP is that Krebs is a master of selecting and blending various source materials into a unified whole: organic sounds with the non-organic, pristine field recordings with those that are processed, and acoustic samples with electronic textures. Secondly, Krebs knows how to keep the listener’s interest through the use of dissimilarities of sounds, so there‘s no chance of becoming bored: a sudden whoosh of noise followed by the gentle interplay of field recordings of night sounds and changing electronic tones; the reassuring natural sounds of bird songs and rolling waves pursued by unnatural, processed electronics; the warm, relaxing sounds of chimes followed a cold rush of chaotic noise; humming drones followed by piercing electronic noises; unspoiled recordings of gentle rain amongst a shower of tumultuous electronic sounds; samples of incorporeal human voices versus the natural sounds of honking of geese flying overhead; sparse piano notes with a light layer of static and bleeps. For more information and insight into K. M. Krebs, there’s an excellent (but older) interview available here:


[ Larry Johnson ]


Vital Weekly 511


Last December I visited an exhibition in Antwerp, which centered around contemporary art from Vancouver. Weird, weird stuff! A bit moody, without any relativism. KM Krebs is from Vancouver and, yes, his music might be in that same vein. It is very serious business. Although his music ranges from rhythmic hip stuff to complex soundscapes based on radio waves, it all is very serious. He also produces music as 833-45, by the way.

Con-v releases two compositions which are, to me, the closest to classical electro-acoustic music that Krebs has ever gotten. Absolutely Ignorant is a rework from a composition that was earlier featured on "the halberd of chemistry", released by Fukk God in 2003. The original is 4:47, the new version lasts 10:08 minutes. The work is a constant swaying between electronic soundlayers and acoustic recording. The alternations are joined by sudden crashes or through the morphing of one into the other. As Red As Rubies, the second composition focuses on the granularity of sounds and Krebs plays with the spaciality of layers. Two very strong compositions, very much in the tradition of Montréal's Empreintes Digitales. I think Krebs deserves a place in that catalogue, quite soon. This is really his biggest achievement to date. Listen!


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