CNV30 | 26.04.2006



01. Latitude

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"Latitude" - freedom from normal restraints in conduct; scope for freedom of e.g. action or thought; freedom from restriction.

A linear progression through processed field recordings,  sinewaves, amplified metal objects, white noise and feedback.

Composed and recorded late 2005, final mix/edit early 2006 by Phil Julian.




This is noise for the novice and noise enthusiast alike. The novice can acquaint himself with several manifestations of that rather blurry genre called “noise” and the experienced listener can immerse himself in some superlative sounds produced by a veteran UK noise artist. A deceptively warm and gentle flow of transparent tones begins this twenty-minute excursion into the depths of noise. Within 2-minutes the composition begins taking on a more sinister character as the tones become increasingly distorted and opaque and multiple layers of processed sounds are added. Within 10-minutes an intense wall of pulsating, undulating white noise has become the focus on top of which a vicious layer of piercing feedback is thrown in. At slightly past the 14:40 mark, the unrelenting noise abruptly ceases and an eerily quiet static sets in. Over the course of the remaining minutes, this subtle static gradually evolves into a scraping metallic percussion followed by a short blast of chaotic noise reminding us of just how harsh this genre can be.


[ Larry Johnson ]