CNV32 | 07.08.2006



01. Exxon Mobil

02. Cps Lck

03. Milikk

04. Camo

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It seems as though there isn't much room left for dance music in the current avant-obsessed and cut-throat world of experimental electronic music, but New Jersey resident Albert Casais is keeping the party going with his funk-infused Omnid project. Using an array of cutting edge software and his trusty Nord Lead, Casais creates a lyrical, but cold and robotic journey through abstraction, culminating in the slippery rhythms of 'milikk'--chunked trash beats cemented by a dizzying lead, endlessly looped into the void. But Omnid doesn't tarry long in this pulsating universe, and soon the listener is left to sift through the ashes during the fragmented refuse of 'Exxon Mobil'.


liner notes by David Kirby



With the "Camo EP" Albert Casais takes the listener further into his unique exploration of electronic music by blending textured microsound, fragmented percussion, dark tones, gritty ambience, and digital dissonance into four new abstract compositions.


A look at the discography section at the new Omnid website [], where you will find an ever-expanding list of MP3 and CD/CD-R releases along with numerous compilation appearances, reveals that Albert Casais has been and is a very active contributor to the electronic/experimental music world. “Camo EP” is Omnid’s latest entry in his growing collection of free on-line offerings.


Omnid’s website is subtitled “Cold Electronics of Doom” and the index page has the oxymoronic subtitle of “Frozen Sunlight … “. These subtitles are more than just ornaments. They are terse descriptors that give some insight into the sounds created by Omnid in general and, specifically, into what the listener can expect as he/she absorbs the four-tracks found on the “Camo EP”.


"exxon mobile", "cps lck", and "camo" are ponderous, coldly digital, beatless compositions where dark, low-end frequencies and gritty, broken sounds merge with dissonant microtones to create a very dense, ominous atmosphere. Although still coldly mechanical and threatening, “milikk” diverges slightly from the other tracks with it’s rhythmic structure and faster-pace that develops into a near frenzy at times.


When compared to the other releases from Omnid that I've heard, "Camo EP" is one of strongest to date.


[ Larry Johnson ]