CNV36 | 15.10.2006



01 . CARLO GIORDANI - Nel Bosco

02 . RINUS VAN ALEBEEK - Sliding Through Venice

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'I was in a bush, when I heard lot of sounds (a dog, some sheeps and goats and donkeys, and lot of bells). I went in the direction of the sounds and suddenly the dog started bark. I was near him and in few minutes we was friends. After an hour the shepherd arrived, because an imminent storm; he was a bit upset because of the dog was not aggressive with me. The shepherd, to shelter the sheeps, grew up the fence, but the sheeps was used to the old small fence. Only the goats and the donkeys went in the new area.'


[ Carlo Giordani on 'nel bosco' ]

'In the summer of 2005 a good friend of mine had sent me a box full of slides.

It weren't slides like we all know;

they were made out of glass

and they were made almost 50 years ago.

Seven of them showed images made in Venice.


When summer was almost gone,

(though not in Italy)

I came to Venice with my walkman.

To find the place where fifty years ago the author/thres of the slides found him/erself at the moment of shooting the picture was easy enough.

I only had to follow the signs to San Marco.


To find the exact place, that is to place my feet at the same spot,

was a little bit more elaborate.

With the slide before my eyes

I compared the image with the real, until I stood at the right place.


On the slide I found the exact place where to put myself,

(between the public who looked at a dancing girl,

in front of a tourist who studied the map,

next to a girl who was leaning against a lamppost,

all persons immortalised fifty years ago)

then I went there,

and recorded.'


[ Rinus van Alebeek on 'sliding through Venice' ]