CNV41 | 25.07.2007


Excerpt from Extract

01 . Excerpt from extract

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Shelter’s End is the moniker for a new collaboration of Danny Kreutzfeldt & Jason Corder. Danny Kreutzfeldt has already released numerous releases under his own name as well as under a plethora of aliases. Jason Corder as well has released under his own name, in addition to releasing under two further aliases. Comparing the oeuvre of the respective artists, the conclusion here seems to be that Danny Kreutzfeldt is in charge of the foundational work (in this case: sonically recreating the fathomless vacuity of inner molecular space), with Jason Corder filling it with fluffs, globs, sparkles and washes of grit, glitch, sounds of electrical tools and some more viscous substances, which take on the shape of its container, as a lake of its bedding. Massive reverberations of empty monolithic space (the reverberations of a gutted, godless heaven) are interspersed by these more material sonic instances, breaking the waves of desolation and forming eddies of flux which somehow breathe life into self-willed death. Even unto the point that a form of birdsong again resounds in what seemed an airless mausoleum (or a nuclear shelter?). Perhaps this song is just an echo of what is already long gone? This birdsong so becomes the herald of the end of our refuge. Now, with these memories revived, we shall remain ever unsheltered to life’s demise. In the end, in our hiding, this memory of the fact that natures music has ever resounded at all (apart from perhaps the faculty of memory itself) might well be the biggest tragedy of all to have befallen us.


liner notes by Mark Pauwen



And finally, if you want to check out a very different side of Corder, then his „Extract from Excerpt EP“ on Con-V is certainly a recommendation. Teaming up with busy bee Danny Kreutzfeldt, he operates under the moniker of Shelter's End here, treading through solitary swamps and wading through thick clouds of mist. Again a single piece stretching out into epic length, it is made up of multiple stages and parts. A haunting cavernous drone opens things up, comes to an emotional climax, before silence takes over and metallic pads and living glitches fill a space of uncertainty and paranoia. It might seem like a contradiction with his previous output, but maybe this is the dark side of the forces he set out to explore. Certainly a valuable addition for anyone interested in psychoanalysing Jason Corder's personality – or those looking for the hidden trapdoors in his music.


[ Tobias Fischer ]