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01 . Baunoten

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As a long time supporter of Einstürzende Neubauten, their democratic turn of the last few years is not only amusing - but also creates as a link between artists of such stature and the various other sub-networks of musicians and artists who have been working 'out in the open' for years. So as I started out this game of hunting down supporter act slots, i also started to plan for something special, if i should be so lucky. The strangest thing was that i was supposed to be on tour with colleague Eric Cordier in this time, thinking i might have a slot for EN earlier elsewhere in Europe. The Cordier tour was postponed, and days after this chance was given me.


'Baunoten' is from one of six support acts for Einstürzende Neubauten in 2004, recorded live by Boris Wilsdorf (EN sound engineer/producer) at Hamburg Musikhalle in 2004, specially composed for them, based on room re-recordings of their webcast rehearsals and dubbed with one of my self-built "acoustic laptops".


more info about this project can be found here:


liner notes by Tore Honore Boe


Vital Weekly

Only a few good guys ask us: the well-known bands from the world of rock who help the true experimentalists. Sonic Youth is one, Einsturzende Neubauten is another. They help out, with their name and fame,, to support experimental musicians. Tore Boe had the honor of opening up a few concerts for Neubauten and 'Baunoten' is a piece 'based on material from Einsturzende Neubauten's webcasts and presented 6 times on their 2004 tour', although I am not sure what that means. The recording here is from one concert in Hamburg. Tore Boe is not unlike John Cage: a man of small sounds, but with the amplification used in rock concerts I am pretty sure this must have sounded massive. Musicboxes, piano bangs and obscured drones make up a great piece that receives a good applaus from the audience. Well deserved.


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