CNV56 | 12.01.2010


A Posteriori

01 . German Presence

02 . A Posteriori

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Recorded @ Terje's home [sound atelier]

january - february 2009.


track 1. german presence.

soundsources: bowed, transistor radio and picked cymbal.

bowed, e-bowed and picked three stringed acoustic guitar. both instruments are contactmik'ed.

recorded and edited in audacity.


track 2. a posteriori.

soundsources: a broken record player from the 1960's.

a handpicked cone.

both objects recorded into a zoom handy h4 recorder and edited in audacity.


terje paulsen mainly use found objects and cheap / simple instruments & recycling the sounds from everyday life for his compositions [soundpictures].


I collect a lot of stuff. some seems to be rather useless. Like the old three-stringed guitar, cracked cymbals, my first recordplayer that don’t work like it should (but still give me some good memories from my childhood), the little transistor that hardly take in norwegian channels, or the cones I pick outside and let dry in my room.

When touching and pick at them i find interesting sounds. some i slightly manipulate in the editor, others are their real sounds.


With this ep i want to share some of my experiences with the sounds from a few of my collected objects.


big thanks to m.a. tolosa


[ Terje Paulsen ]