CNV60 | 27.04.2010




02 . HUBERT MICHEL - Salle De Bain

03 . JOAN BAGES i RUBI - Deux Poissons Electroniques

04 . PABLO FREDES - Sonatisse

05 . OLIVER RAPPOPORT - Identitees

06 . MIRTRU ESCALONA-MIJARES - Sur Le Chemin De La Brume

07 . ADOLFO KAPLAN - La Sombra Del Sonido

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Collective of musicians and composers living in Paris. Acousmatic art and contemporary music. Open to multidisciplinary activities and non conventional concerts. Our objectif : a research of news way to involve public and artistes. Our principe : generate a deeply relations between body, thoughts and spirit from sounds activities. Our dogma : Art is not an discipline, is a way to percept and to enlarged our conscience of reality.


Oliver Rappoport - Identités


The title inspires in the different faces that the individual has had through all his existence. Going to the expansion or the personal deterioration. For this reason one can notice that there are not a great climatic moment but several parts and coats rescheduled to places that are not clearly definite. But all this succeeds with a great discursive coherence, a great work of orchestration and a linking sound in constant transformation.


Adolfo Kaplan - La Sombra del Sonido


Around each complex sound, one will have sounds whose complexity dépends on the wealth of harmonic of the generating sounds, the sound, the sound has a shade. The pièce « la sombra del sonido » is composed by a series of experiments, that mix résonant sound bodies and various résonances of synthesis. The used of several types of synthesis allowed me to show the similarities betxeen acoustic and electronic sources. In some cases givin importance to the natural aspects of the sound évents (especially by the control of vibrato and tremolo velocities), and by the combines processes used in instrumental whriting and concrete music opérations.


Joan Bagés i Rubi - Deux Poissons Japonais Electroniques


A work that delas with de fluid. An interpersonal landscape where any action is trnasformed into an enregizing torrent. The landscape of small surrealist aquarium where acoustic and electronic sounds live together is a metaphor to adress the decanting of enregy, addictions, relations... The work's original sounds arise from guitar, electronic, and eprcussion sounds. The main processing realised was harmonization and texturazation of sounds with Reaktor to create fluid sequences that are related to each others. At the same time, a MAX/MSP patch controled by Bagés allowed him load the GRM-Tools and to work on sounds with a MIDI controller-Keyboard to be able to articulate sounds and print a certain level of movement on them. This work was composed thanks to the 2007 Generalitat de Catalunya Scholarship.


Pablo Fredes - Sonatisse


Beads made in 2004.This piece belongs of a trilogy of pieces that contrasts and complements trying to build in various types of sources: from the anecdotal to electronics, from the electronic to the natural, since as to what award-acousmatic, etc.This especially is a tonal (tímbrica) structure of electronic sounds with some inserts and inlays of natural sounds perfectly award-ear. A compositional level verticalize ago trying different durations and evolution of sound layers, all at different times of the general time of the piece: something I call "temporal fractal figures."


Hubert Michel - Salle de bain


«Salle de bain mean Bathroom» in English. This music is a part of a sound fresco call "appartement " (flat). Originally, it' a study for the choreographic company "Etant donné" (Rouen-France). The aquatic subjects were principally treated on rhythmic point of view. The length of Salle de bain is about the same time you have a shower. The mean idea is to listen to freshness you fell when you wash your body.


Mirtru Escalona Mijares - Sur le Chemin de la Brume. Cotidiana # 1 - Dedicated to Christine Groult


The piece owes its name to a study on intuition in musical form. That is to say, that I have decided to beguin without any pre-established form and to craft and imagine as I composed the work. Leaving, in this way, the most important place to intuition without losing from sight the aim of a coherent form.This piece belongs to a cycle of works which I set out from material form our daily environnement used as a poetical source by means of electroacoustic and concrete tools. The principal source of sound for this piece are the sounds produced by a washing machine. "Sur le Chemin de la Brume" released in Pentemont's Baroque Temple by Jonathan Prager, in October 2003. Paris-France.



Esteban Anavitarte - Otom-A


<< La migration inévitable, les successives désintégrations des espaces habitables / la trace humaine silencieuse et visible / le quotidien imperturbable, l'illusoire et fragile confort  de notre espace immédiat et familial / la conséquence impitoyable de la mort >>.