CNVR03 | 09.04.2005


No Words

format: CDR | packaging: discbox slider

duration: 50 minutes, 16 tracks

limited to 50 numbered copies




After the online ep "don't need more songs to cry to" released recently, and in anticipation of the coming full lenght cd »Old Ghost, New Ghosts, ALL Ghosts« on iDEAL this fall, con-v is proud to present the new album of Swedish sound artist / designer Thomas Ekelund (Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words). 16 pieces perfectly assembled in a whole, excellent work. Previously released on a limited edition cdr in March 2005, available only at the iDEAL Festival.




Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words deliver a series of short tracks that easily maintain your interest throughout. Because they use field recordings and environmental sound as the basis there's ample room and space for him to manipulate and process the source to a point where there's plenty of recognisable sound, yet a lovely range of electronic trickery as well. Engaging and very satisfying, this is Con-V net.lab providing more proof that they're right on the nail. Excellent.


[Mike Oliver ]



Vital Weekly


On the same label, the same artist of whom we reviewed a MP3 work last week. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words. This is a somewhat longer release, forty six minutes, but with no less than sixteen tracks, of which no less than six are called 'No Words'. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words continue here the combination of ambient music with musique concrete, but sometimes things are simply too rough to pleasure. A track like 'When Skies Are Grey' is a bit of lo-fi recording and gets a bit lost therefor. In other tracks, where the ambient plays a darker tune, things are much more enjoyable. Then Thomas Ekelund, the man behind Dead Letter Spell Out Dead Words, plays a decent tune. Not great, nothing new, just a bunch of decent computer generated ambient textures. Nice but maybe a bit too average.


[ Frans de Waard ]