CNVR16 | 07.04.2008



format: 3" CDR| packaging: slipcase

duration: 21 minutes, 2 tracks

limited to 25 numbered copies




New work by Madrid based sound artist Miguel Angel Tolosa, two tracks condensing Ubeboet's sound: drones, field recordings and spectral ambient.


recorded in Madrid, nov.2007-feb2008


field recordings taken in Luarca (Spain) and Madrid, summer 2007.


Touching Extremes

I formally demand an urgent reissue of the outstanding music contained by this unassuming 3-inch CD in a larger number of copies, for allowing only 25 souls to be enriched by such a graceful offer is not as much as necessary. This is probably the best material ever put together by Ubeboet, period. “Praeter” starts with a chanting female voice increasingly modified into mesmeric stupor, the piece’s harmonic wealth causing a state of rapturous delight; the finale is characterized by field recordings of rain, seagulls and children intoning a cyclical nursery rhyme, the whole fading to black. “Supra Lunam” is a veritable painting of daydream, raised on what my ears recognize as fragments of madrigals seamed, looped and immersed in fluid textures of, perhaps, sampled strings whose incidence is nevertheless “barely there”; it could even be that the reverberations of the voices are doing the work. The effect is a stunningly gorgeous soundscape that elevates this little disc to fine art status, without a doubt among the most expressive drone-based “spectral ambient” (as the composer himself defines his style) that I’ve had the luck of receiving in recent times.


[ Massimo Ricci ]


Vital Weekly

Apart from running the Con-V label Miguel A. Tolosa is also active as a musician under the guise of Ubeboet. His releases so far has been on CDR and MP3 formats and he has worked with people like Pablo Reche and Asher. That might already give you some clue in which direction this goes. The two pieces here deal with field recordings made in various places in Spain and opens with a voice singing in what appears to be a church. The following drones might be taken from a church organ. Both pieces have this angelic feeling to it. Ubeboet's music was previously a bit more roughly shaped than the regular drone posse, but here he finds himself along the lines of say Paul Bradley or Jonathan Coleclough and I must say that, while I don't think it's all very 'new', this direction suits him better. Dark ambient drone music, made through digital sound manipulation - but Ubeboet does a very fine job. Can't understand why he should only want to make twenty-five copies of this release, as it seems to me that more people should be hearing this.


[ Frans de Waard ]



Spiritual Archives

Miguel A. Tolosa (Ubeboet) is a soundartist active since some years in the ambient/drone scene. His personal production counts several releases in mp3 format, some CDr’s and periodic collaborations with other musicians of this area like Asher, Christopher McFall or Pablo Reche. Furthermore, he runs CONV, a (net)label based on a large catalogue of online releases apart from a CD(-R) series. Since its beginnings, the music of Miguel has been a bit out of traditional schemes, recurring to different solutions mixed with consolidated characters of the “ambient” genre. So is for the use of field recordings, accidental noises or occasional voices, which give more complexity to his works and lead the listener to unexpected changes of theme.


"Praeter ep." makes concrete a further evolution of the project, offering a blend of these elements which lay on an obscure background. The two tracks are less homogeneous and linear in structure than previous pieces, with an initial presence of droning tones followed by rumbling soundscapes (in the first) and hypnotic atmospheres, more persistent, combined with an ethereal voice (in the second). Waiting for another full-length release...


[ IZ23 ]



There appears to be no stopping the Madrid-based sound artist when it comes to composing affecting experimental music as Ubeboet. Following two recent collaborative ambient-drone works with Asher Thal-nir, Praeter condenses drones field recordings into two beautiful ambient compositions. Based on field recordings taken in Luarca (Asturias) and Madrid during the summer of 2007, these works were recorded in Madrid between late 2007 and early 2008. The phrase "more than natural" certainly applies to the overall aural tone of Praeter as spectral drones conjoin with both organic field recordings and processed ones to create a preternatural ambiance.


The title track Praeter takes the listener on a surprisingly varied thirteen minute sonic journey. The sounds range from blissful female vocals blending with beautiful layers of droning tones to murky, brooding, coarsely rumbling urban atmospheres to a final segment of pastoral ambiance coaxed from untouched field recordings.


Supra Lunam which also references something above or beyond reminds me of the beautiful harmonic music that might accompany some religious ceremony. An ethereal choral ambiance that is sustained throughout its eight and one-half minute duration blends with melodiously resonating tones of varying frequencies to create one affecting piece of ambient drones.


Limited to only twenty-fives copies, let's hope that Praeter gets re-released in an online format so that more listeners can enjoy these beautiful drones.


[ Larry A. Johnson ]