CNVR18 | 07.10.2008


Colorblind Cycle II

format: CDR | packaging: discbox slider

duration: 36 minutes, 1 track

limited to 75 numbered copies




SIRSIT's sound is drenched in a deep kosmische vibe and frizzled in solar radiation. But far from transporting one to a gravity (gravitas) free zone where anything goes, there is rather the pull and push of many forces at once that marks the highly sensitive interaction going on here. Between the langruid and the luminous, a third, secret way is chosen, bringing a humanly beautiful sound to bloom in an area where most others only reap sand and wind.


recorded spring 2008 in Austin, Texas.


Rick Reed

Brent Fariss

Cory Allen

Josh Russell


Temporary Fault


Four renowned individuals from the field of contemporary electronica form the skeleton of Sirsit: Rick Reed, Brent Fariss, Cory Allen and Josh Russell. The only piece, which lasts 36 minutes, appears as a rather edgy hybrid of modern and ancient cosmic explorers – early Tangerine Dream to (ever-quotable in these circumstances) Lustmord – with a relatively deeper organic vibe, explicated by an almost debilitating constant modification of the material’s consistency, which now and then is heard as in a “boiling liquid” state, while elsewhere the transformation occurs in merciless unpredictability, mixing unfathomable pulsations, purple regurgitations, magniloquent eruptions and, more rarely, tranquil reassurances. We’re not given a list of the instruments used, but analogue synthesis and computers might be involved. Difficult to say how much one can become fond of this record: the sounds are clearly articulated and seriously delivered, occasionally engrossing – yet, somehow, Colorblind Cycle II keeps leaving me pokerfaced after three listens.


[ Massimo Ricci ]



Cyclic Defrost


Sirsit’s vigorous engagement with the flinty surfaces and tangled contours of Colorblind Cycle II results in a musical architectonics of unusual resilience and irrepressible energy. The work moves with strict control along a static horizontal plane, but multiple frequencies are discharged to interact through the vertical laminate, opening up multiplex groups of tonal fluctuations and revving clusters of microbes. All of these interiorities become fairly elaborate, shifting the alignments, and combining and juxtaposing the different energies of the composition such that one is left with a multi-level work of varying contrasts, tensions, and forms of coherence.


A deep tunnel of sound is heard first. In due course, it is invested with and protracted by secretive amplifications and glissando swirls. These slurred curves grow more pronounced and acerbic, and the piece soon takes on an exhilarating and affecting directness. The textures only become more variegated in the later stages. In fact, despite the albums brief life-span (thirty-five minutes) and measured pace, the movements are many and significant. From the rush and rumble of deep space, Sirsit manages an engrossing negotiation between mass and intricacy on Colorblind Cycle II.


[ Max Schaefer ]



Vital Weekly


A band of four persons, of which we also heard in various other constellations and solo projects: Rick Reed, Brent Fariss, Cory Allen and Josh Russell, all from Austin, Texas. I have no idea what they use equipment wise here, but my very best guess would be a bunch of analogue synthesizers and perhaps one or more laptops to process the sound with and maybe there is a guitar in there as well. The piece here lasts thirty-six minutes and is made of lots and lots of buzzing, warm sounds. At times I was inclined to think it was all analogue synthesizers, but then some of the overlaying sounds came off a bit too digital to be just that. Elegant mood music with a bite. Music made from and for cosmic interferences. It bridges the world of cosmic music with microsound and experimental, but its neither nor. It doesn't have the same cheesy dayglow of the cosmic synthesizer music, but at the same time it's also too loud to be purely microsound. Quite a nice, fascinating sound journey. Simple, effective and illuminating.


[ Frans de Waard ]