CNVR26 | 11.12.2012


Epilog (Recombinant)

format: CD | packaging: digipack

duration: 38 minutes, 3 tracks

limited to 50 copies


price: 9.00 euros - shipping included




I began composing the initial framework for 'Epilog (recombinant)' in 2011 after revisiting old recordings that I had arranged previously for the release 'Four Feels for Fire' on Entr'acte in 2007.


In retrospect, the source materials used for the construction of 'Four Feels for Fire' have been a subject of ongoing interest for me over the past five years. In the summer of 2011 I began listening to the material from a different perspective in the sense that my intent had shifted from the part of an engaged listener to that of an active participant. At that point I began using the old source recordings to generate new material and combined these recordings with new field recordings on hyrdolyzed tape togenerate a recombinant series of works. The recordings that comprise 'Epilog (recombinant)' demonstrate a quickened sense of pacing that is structrually reinforced through the use of evolving textual loops.


[ Christopher McFall ]