CNVR27 | 28.01.2014


How I Keep Falling Into Rivers

format: cassette

duration: 20 minutes, 2 tracks

limited to 50 copies




01 - side A (10:00) - listen


02 - side B (10:00) - listen


Improvisations on the motor of a reel to reel player.


recorded in Nottingham, UK, 03.01.2014


cover photo taken in 2013, Santa Clara, CA.


Patrick Farmer is an artist working with composition. He was born in Beckenham, Kent in 1983, and has moved allover the country since then. His mother bought him his first drum kit when he was twelve and eight years later he spent six months in India studying Hindustani Tabla with Pandit Nayan Ghosh. Still most often referred to as a percussionist, though he hasn’t performed on a drum kit for nearly four years, Farmer will commonly enlist the help of a drum or turntable to act as a resonator for natural materials or filtering field recordings.Lately he has been using the motors of a reel to reel player in preparation for his tour with Stephen Cornford.


He is a founding member of the Set Ensemble, a group based in the UK dedicated to the performance of experimentalmusic, especially that of the Wandelweiser group, and co-founded the online record label, Compost and Height, and Wolf Notes journal, with Sarah Hughes in 2008. As of October 2012 patrick began studying towards his Ph.D at Oxford Brookes.